Where Do You Go For Advice On Child Nutrition?

Last weekend, I had an opportunity to talk to several parents of young children at a local cultural event. I did a short survey with them to learn more about their issues and concerns. One of the questions was designed to find out which sources of information they rely on for advice on child nutrition. I did a similar survey last year and I reported the results in this article. I have now added the new data for this update.

This data set now has  a total of 202 picks from 97 respondents from the blog, Global Toddlers and the recent cultural event.

Here is how the question was posed:

Where do you go for advice on toddler nutrition? Pick 3

  1. Your pediatrician
  2. Nutritionist or Registered Dietitian
  3. Internet
  4. Trusted friend/family
  5. Books or Magazines
  6. Networking group
  7. Other

And here is chart showing the results:

Top 3 sources of child nutrition advice for most parents are Internet, Pediatrician and Books/Magazines.

I think that there is a tremendous opportunity for registered dietitians to connect with parents and offer them credible, science-based, actionable information. They get extensive training in all aspects of nutrition and many of them have graduate degrees. I believe they can bridge the gap between the pediatrician, who is unlikely to spend a lot of time addressing nutrition needs of a child, and the internet, where nutrition information tends to be largely fragmented across websites of dubious credibility. I have had a wonderful experience working with over 30 registered dietitians who have answered reader questions in my Ask the Expert column.

What do you think? Are you surprised by these results?

I would love to hear your opinion on the results of this poll. If you did not get a chance to vote in this survey, please feel free to leave a comment with your picks.

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  1. Very intersting results! It is not always easy to sift through the garbage on the internet. Sometimes other parents are your best source. Check out my blog devoted to family nutrition esepcially getting kids to eat veggies every day. http://www.veggietoddler.blogspot.com

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