The Vitamin D Calculator App

Th Vitamin D Calculator AppHow It Can Help You Meet Your Daily Vitamin D and Calcium Goal

According to the revised daily vitamin D and calcium amounts recommended by the Institute of Medicine, most of us are now supposed to get 600 IU of vitamin D and about 1000 mg of calcium every day. There are slight differences in these amounts based on age, which you can look up in the DRI for Calcium and Vitamin D table. But, practically speaking, you may want to remember only these two numbers for daily vitamin D and calcium.

So, the question is – do you think you and everyone in your family is getting enough of these 2 important nutrients every day?

If the lifestyle and eating habits of most Americans is any indication, chances are that you are falling way short of these amounts. Here are 5 ways the Vitamin D CalculatorTM can help you stay on track:

It shows you what type of foods are rich in vitamin D and calcium. You can easily select them from the Calculator menu and enter your daily amount to estimate how much of vitamin D and calcium you are getting from them each day. If the number comes out low – you know what to do! Simply try to eat more of these healthy foods each day.

It helps you monitor your eating habits. Since the Calculator data entry menu is based on meal types, you can get a sense of what you are eating at different times during the day. Eating small meals every 3-4 hours with the right mix of foods is the best way to maintain a healthy eating style while getting proper nutrition.

It helps you figure out gaps in your diet. Vitamin D and Calcium calculations are broken down by food types such as dairy, fruits/vegetables, fish/meat, cereals and seeds/nuts. If you routinely see that some of the food types are not contributing to your daily vitamin D and calcium, it is a good signal that you need to include different foods in your diet. Over the long run, it will help you develop a more balanced and diversified diet.

It helps you monitor your sun exposure. One of the best way of getting vitamin D is from casual exposure to the sun. Since sun screen blocks the UV radiation needed to make vitamin D in your skin, you need a quick way to monitor your exposure without sun screen. Based on your skin type and the local weather conditions, the Vitamin D Calculator estimates the vitamin D amount from the minutes in sunlight you spend without sunscreen. And it gives you a warning to use sunscreen if you enter too long a time that may end up causing a sunburn.

It helps you stay informed. Using the Get Social feature, you can link with others on Facebook and Twitter. You can share your own tips and learn from what others are doing. You can follow links to articles on vitamin D and calcium for the latest research and helpful tips.

So check it out and download the Vitamin D Calculator form iTunes using the link below: