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Ask the Expert – Omega 3 for Toddlers

Ask The Expert is a weekly column on Littlestomaks.com. The idea is to have a reader-submitted question answered by a nutrition expert or a pediatrician. Feel free to submit your question in the comments section below. This week, Registered Dietitian Victoria Retelny explains why omega-3 is important for growing children and suggests a few food

Simple Recipes – Salmon with Cilantro and Garlic Served over Orzo

Here is another recipe by Rebecca Subbiah. She is a registered dietitian, freelance writer and a personal trainer. Follow her on Twitter @rebeccasubbiah and check out her very cute Chow and Chatter blog. She also runs Dietitian for Hire, a consulting company located in Winston Salem North Carolina offering Freelance Writing, Nutritional Counseling, Speaking Engagements