Sweet Pineapples
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ani Carrington

“If you could be a fruit, what would you be?”, I asked my daughter on a whim at bath time tonight.

“Pineapple!”, she said without any hesitation.

“Why?”, I asked to get the conversation going…

“Because it is sweet and I love it!”, again came the reply without any hesitation…

It came as a surprise because we aren’t really into pineapple in our household. No special reason, it just turns out to be that way.

Maybe they get it at daycare, I thought.

I turned my attention to my son this time.

“If you could be a vegetable, what would you be?”

“a potato”, he said after a brief pause.


“Because I love it”.

Hmmm, it must be the waffle fries we got him last Friday at a Chick-Fil-A take out, I thought.

Whatever the reason may be, kids relate to a specific fruit or a vegetable because they love it, not because it is good for them.

So often, we get carried away by the science and what we read that we try to motivate kids to eat fruits and veggies because we think it is good for them.

Somehow, we need to figure out how we can get them to fall in love with fruits and veggies.

What has worked for you? Please share.

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