Global Toddlers – Aaron, Ryan and Caitlyn from Florida, USA


Mom Valerie
Mom’s Nationality American
Lives in Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Brothers/Sisters None
Favorite Foods Fruit – Strawberries, banannas
Vegetables – Green Beans, broccoil
Cereal – Cherrios, oatmeal
Dairy Products – 2% Milk
Meats – Pork, Ground Beef, Hot Dogs, Chicken
Snacks – Raisins, Fruit, Nuts
Fruit juice – Grape
Mom’s Favorite Recipe No response
Nutritional Supplements Yes – Gummy Vitamins
Mom’s top concerns Does not eat enough, Too much sugar, Picky eater
Gets advice from
Trusted friend/family, Internet, Books/magazines, Networking group
Question/advice for other moms/dads Not at this time

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