Does Your Yogurt Contain Vitamin D?

All milk in the United States is fortified with vitamin D (1 cup = 25% daily value). So it is natural to think that yogurt and yogurt products should also have vitamin D. After all, they are all made from milk.

Not really.

Although, there is a trend now to add vitamin D to yogurt, there are still a lot of products out there with no vitamin D.  I decided to do a little research this weekend at the local Walmart. Here is a summary of what I found:


Yoplait original is the top of the pack with 50% DV of both calcium and vitamin D. The new packaging shows this fact prominently on the front of the box. Stonyfield is another good option but their Oikos brand organic greek yogurt does not have any vitamin D. Dannon, our long time favorite has a lot of catching up to do!

When I asked my Twitter followers about this, @peekababy informed me that the Yobaby and Yokids brands from Stonyfield also has added vitamin D. Sure enough, a quick check on their website showed that they have 25% daily value of vitamin D added to each serving.

With so much news on vitamin D deficiency, especially in kids, you would think that all yogurt brands would start fortifying their products with vitamin D.

What is in your yogurt? Take a peek inside your refrigerator and check if your yogurt contains vitamin D or not. Then leave a note below with the brand name and amount of vitamin D in each serving.

Disclaimer – I have not received any sponsorship or free samples of product for writing this review. For complete nutritional information check out the websites of these products.


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  1. When it comes down to choosing yogurt, I prefer to buy actual real food, yogurt made with milk and cultures and that is it.  If you want a bunch of sugar, corn starch, HFCS and gelatin, then by all means, enjoy your Yoplait.  The ingredients according to Fooducate ( are given below: 

    Cultured Pasteurized Grade A Low
    Fat Milk, Sugar, Strawberries, Modified Corn Starch,
    High Fructose Corn Syrup, Nonfat Milk, Kosher Gelatin, Citric
    Acid, Tricalcium Phosphate, Natural Flavor, Pectin, Colored with Carmine,
    Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin D3.

    The vitamin D in Yoplait is NOT naturally occuring, but just added.  So, give your kids some REAL yogurt and stick a Vitamin D3 pill on the plate next to it.  My kids either have the Dannon All-Natural Plain (with a squirt of raw honey for sweetness) or when we can spend more, the Stonyfield Organic Plain.

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