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How to Encourage Play and Exercise

Keeping kids active is becoming more of a challenge as technology advances. The lure of HDTVs, video games and tablets are distracting our children from getting out and being active, and as parents we need to be proactive. There are many other reasons daily exercise can be difficult, such as school events and extracurricular activities,

Happy Easter

We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day to celebrate Easter Sunday! After an early morning egg hunt with other toddlers in the neighborhood, the twins played hard in the backyard. As the morning turned into noon, it was time for lunch, which they insisted on having outside as a “picnic”! Here they are,  munching on a

Pineapples and Potatoes

photo credit: Ani Carrington “If you could be a fruit, what would you be?”, I asked my daughter on a whim at bath time tonight. “Pineapple!”, she said without any hesitation. “Why?”, I asked to get the conversation going… “Because it is sweet and I love it!”, again came the reply without any hesitation… It