AsyaArmaanNov2009Hello and Welcome to Littlestomaks!

My name is Naveen Agarwal. My wife, Elif Gurel and I have twins who are now 8 years old. Like all parents of young children, we are deeply interested in their nutrition and healthy growth. Also, like most parents of young children, we find this to be an enormous challenge!

A few years back when our twins were beginning to eat solid foods, we were not really sure about what and how to feed them. We tried to find answers to our child nutrition questions on the web, but all we found were articles about diet and weight control. There was nothing focused on helping parents find answers to their questions about feeding toddlers.

We are both PhD engineers by training and have years of experience solving technical problems. But we both felt a sense of helplessness and frustration about this problem!

We decided to read books and other scientific literature to learn from the best sources. We found the science of nutrition to be rich but not easy to find good, practical information that could help us on a daily basis.

That is when we decided to translate what we learned into simple, real-life tips and tricks could be put to use in our daily life. We began writing a blog to share our experience with other parents. We connected with experts who graciously offered to contribute their expertise on our blog. We heard from parents all over who shared their stories and challenges. We heard from bloggers who offered to contribute and shared their knowledge.

We felt a sense of community. We were not alone. It was a good feeling!

Now several years later, our kids have grown up. With over 400 articles, our blog is has become a resource to parents.

Our interest in child nutrition has not changed. We will continue to remain true to our original goal of helping parents of young children even as our own kids grow into young adults and more.

We invite you to browse our articles and tips. Try our mobile apps. Share your story, challenges and tips. Engage with us, engage with others so all our children can enjoy the benefit of our collective knowledge.

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